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Engraved Boy Keychain Engraved Boy Keychain
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Engraved Boy Keychain

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x1 $18.90 $18.90/keyring
x3 $51.03 $17.01/keyring $5.67
x5 $80.33 $16.07/keyring $14.18
x10 $141.75 $14.18/keyring $47.25
  • Lifetime engraving guarantee
  • Customise with text and cool emojis
  • Carefully crafted
  • High quality vegan leather


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Engraved Boy Keychain

Is there anything nicer than giving a personalized Keychain as a gift to someone special?

Choose from a variety of fabulous shapes and colors, add text, and create a unique Keychain!

This high-quality Keychain is made of vegan leather and polished stainless steel, making it the perfect long-lasting gift.

Dimensions: 50 mm x 60 mm

Ring dimensions:  25 mm x 25 mm

Material:  Vegan Leather


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